📝 Changelog
What's new with Legigram

🎇 An auspicious start of the new year

🙋‍♀️ Hello Sacramento! Hello home page grid!

Well, the year is wrapping up so we have a few updates for you.

  • 👋 Sacramento, CA
    Our newest city has a majority-women city council going into 2023. Check out the story from Kristin Lam with CapRadio here and follow other City Hall watchers here.
  • 🪟 Added home page view of clickable places by state.
    That drop-down in the top nav was just a little too cumbersome.

📞 Sorry to Bother You

Busy month but we got Oakland onboard – now if only we could get Philly, Baltimore, or San Francisco to come around.

  • Oakland, CA – Check out the list of local City Hall watchers before Twitter implodes here.
  • We tweaked the linked event titles and matter numbers to simplify the layout
  • In advance of @seereadnow's talk about Legigram at GDG Dallas in January 2022, we will be reaching out to users for feedback.
  • TBD if we are going to keep bothering with Twitter lists

🎈 Show Me, Show Me

We are a little slow on new features this round – but we have big things in the works so stay tuned. And don't forget to check our Twitter lists.

A Boston Minute?

  • Boston, MA has arrived.
    It should come as no surprise – Boston has healthy city hall coverage compared to a lot of places. Check out our list.
  • View meeting minutes.
    If a meeting has them, you can view them.

Look out, Charlotte

  • Charlotte, NC is here.
    A slightly different video viewer here compared to the other cities so far. We fixed a few of the others including El Paso, Seattle, McKinney, San Jose, and North Richland Hills.
  • Home page launched.
    Apologies to the long standing default Fort Worth but a fast loading home page will help new users get oriented more quickly.
  • Browse by matter status and type.
    View statuses and matter types, along with respective counts, in the header of each event. You can filter by clicking any of them.
  • Tap Next on mobile to scroll to the next item
    Another beta version feature but this should save some thumbs from those super long agendas.
  • New colors! And they are WCAG friendly.
    Shout out to the WAVE tool. Our filtering still needs some work but we are getting there.

We had a lot of changes under the hood this week. If you would like to see more committee events from your city or any other info that appears in your Legistar, please let us know.

Getting cleaned up for Columbus

  • 😎 Fresh new look.
    Well, that was long overdue.

    We rearranged the layout so that the matters are easier to visually scan. Some changes include:

    • Matter status appears at the top of the matter, to the right of the matter ID
    • Matter 'type' appears just below the matter ID
    • Matter title is a bit larger. They are never too concise unfortunately so it's a balancing act.
    • Matter 'action' appears below the title.
    • Max width set for the main container
  • 👋 Columbus, OH is now on Legigram.
    Council for the second-most populous city in the Midwest appears to be on break at the moment. In the mean time, check out our featured list of city hall reporters on Twitter.

A color refresh and filtering by status are on deck.

Also, we had a request for historical searches but that will take a little more time to figure out. We can only make so many hits to the Legistar API and our current setup can only do so much caching. That, and we are trying to avoid linkrot/bitrot so this one is a bit tricky. But we are thinking about it! And, for the record, financial support would help move this ask up in the queue.

Jax, ⭐️'s, caching

  • ☀️ Jacksonville.
    America's largest city by area and 12th largest by population is now on Legigram.
  • ⭐️ Filter agenda items with a star.
    Long lists can be overwhelming. A recent Harris County agenda had more than 400 items. So now you can star items that you want to review. Then hide the other items by clicking the ☆ that appears in the header of the corresponding section. Note: your stars are not saved anywhere currently, not even in your browser session. So if you close or reload the page, they will disappear.
  • Faster loading through better caching.
    We have shifted some of our caching around to improve page speed without reducing the timeliness of our data. Let us know if you anything seems off.
  • 🗃 Close button for document viewer.
    Finding the inline Hide button is a tricky sometimes, especially on mobile so now you can close a document by clicking a convenient Close button.

⛰ Grouped by state, navbar, counts, hierarchy, .doc, footer

All sorts of new UX polish for you...

  • Denver is here!
    Our 15th city! Almost 25 million constituents are now covered by Legigram!
  • 🏘 Municipalities grouped by state
    The dropdown is a bit less cluttered now. Yes, North Texas is over represented currently.
  • 🧭 Navigate across agendas, matters, and down to the footer.
    Jump to any of the three sections via the top nav.
  • 👀 See the event and matter counts.
    You may have heard that meetings can run long – so can the agendas. These counts update when you filter, too.
  • 🔮 Reference the record time ranges and limits.
    Know what you are seeing and what you are missing.
  • 🏛 Footer layout.
    Added some structure so you can more easily decide what to do after all of that scrolling.
  • 📑 View .doc and .docx files
    That's right – not just PDFs.

And we fixed the Twitter list links.

Changelog, KC, esc, PDFs on mobile

We pushed a bunch of fun stuff today...

  • 📝 Follow the Changelog.
    This thing you are reading right here let's you know what's new.
  • 🥳 Kansas City is live!
    KC is our fourteenth council. We have a Twitter list of reporters here.
  • 🪄 Escape!
    You can close a document by pressing your esc key.
  • 📲 Viewable PDFs on Mobile
    PDFs actually display when you tap View.